are you sure it’s IBS

Are you confused about your IBS? If so you are not alone. There are no definitive tests for IBS. It is usually diagnosed when no other digestive disease can be determined.

IBS is a syndrome, not a disease. That means it has many components or symptoms. Often the symptoms occur together yet most with IBS have different symptoms.

The goal of this section of my website is to clarify some misunderstandings about IBS and to offer multiple solutions through helpful diet and lifestyle recommendations.

leaky gut

Do You Have Leaky Gut?

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Thousands of years later, research has proven him correct.

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Woman meditating

Meditate your Way to Health

Meditation is relaxation. It’s calming to the mind. Most of us walk through our days with thousands of thoughts going through our heads, driving us crazy. Some are beneficial and help us feel good. Some are unpleasant, put us in a bad mood, and don’t serve us in being the

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Fiber gas and bloating

The Benefits of Eating Foods in Season

Foods are the tastiest when they are in season. They hold the most nutritional value and are also much for affordable. According to Chinese Medicine, we are what we eat and our bodies function and flourish in direct relation with the external environment. If we consume foods according to season, we

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Stimulating the Vagus Nerve to Relieve Anxiety

In continuation of my last few blog posts, I wanted to mention one easy & effective way to relieve stress and anxiety. Instead of taking a prescription drug, try a safe and effective remedy for stress that is backed by thousands of years of scientific evidence: stimulating something called the vagus

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"I've been transformed into a new, happier and healthier me. Liz, you have helped me through a myriad of emotional and health issues over the past five years but this latest health issue that baffled all of my traditional medical specialists has been the clincher."
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