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Do you suffer from painful gas and bloating? Do you have gut pain that just won’t go away?
A healthy gut is essential for pain-free, healthy digestion.
A healthy digestive system plays an important role in keeping us both healthy and happy.
So, what is a healthy gut and how do you create one?

The goal of my practice of functional medicine, this website, and my monthly emails, is to answer that very question.

I will cover many topics in this section of this website. The topics include the importance of a healthy microbiome, good gut bacteria, the gut-brain connection, unexplained weight gain, anxiety, the immune system, foods that heal, proper nourishment, brain fog, fatigue, pain, healthy hormones, and much more.

Your Gut Health, Part 3: Optimizing your Gut Flora

Last post we talked about some general things to remember in aiding optimal digestion. Some of these things included chewing well, eating smaller portions, choosing local & organic, and exercising to reduce stress. This week I’d like to touch on how to optimize your gut flora or gut microbiome: 1.

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good gut fiber

Fiber as an Essential Role in your Diet

Fiber plays an essential role in your heart, digestive and skin health. Many benefits include: Blood Sugar Control – by slowing down digestion, the breakdown of carbohydrates, and the absorption of sugar Heart Health – by lowering cholesterol levels, and reducing your risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke

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good&bad gut flora

Trillions of tiny creatures call your body home

Trillions of tiny creatures call your body home, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and others. They’re not always bad news, and in fact, our health depends on having a thriving collection of microbes. Your large intestine is the largest repository of microbes—about three pounds’ worth according to some estimates. If you

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Stomach pain

Is IBS robbing you of your enjoyment in life?

I help active people struggling with unpredictable diarrhea and painful IBS heal their digestive system so they can be spontaneous and live fully and freely again.

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