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Is IBS stealing your joy?

Have you been to multiple gastro docs and told they can’t find anything wrong? Or all they give you is a pill? I have helped many people like you get better.

The embarrassment and shame can be  emotionally debilitating. I know from experience. You do not have to live like this.         
There is HOPE. I would love to show you how to recover.

I help active people struggling with  painful IBS, chronic constipation and acid reflux heal their digestive system so they can be spontaneous and live fully and freely again.

Can my method help you heal?  Let’s have a chat and find out. I offer this consultation without any strings attached because I only work with those I genuinely believe I can help. You have nothing to lose and so much enjoyment of life to gain.


Jane M.  – 65 years old – was  not aware there was a solution to her bowel problems. She came to me for knee pain but I always question my patients about their bowels because the gut is key to health. Jane did everything I suggested and the results were life-changing.


QuotationI was lucky to find Liz when I arrived here from New Jersey for the winter. I searched many wellness businesses before deciding on Liz…..Liz has surpassed all of my expectations by far. She has changed my life with my IBS issues. Even my circulation has improved by following her advice…..Thanks to Liz most of my issues are now in the rearview mirror. I only wish I could bring her back to New Jersey with me!!! Highly recommend.”

Samantha G. – 51 years old – came to me for a variety of gastrointestinal issues triggered by over-prescribed antacids and a colonoscopy. She had excessive bloating, acid reflux and constipation. She was told she has IBS. She feels that the suggestions she was given were not helpful and needed more long-term focused care. 


QuotationI never write reviews. Felt it important for anyone with digestion, stomach or gut issues to spread the word about Liz so she can help you too. I was blown away at how knowledgeable and effective she is. She is the real deal. Not pushing or selling anything…just wants you to get better. She saved me!” 


The main reason is that I have already helped numerous people suffering like you are. You are not alone, I promise you that.

Granted, every patient has a different experience with IBS-like symptoms, yet my one-on-one program has helped everyone feel significantly better.


I love nothing more than hearing my patients say, “I thought this would never get better. I almost gave up hope.” And I am grateful to say I hear it frequently.

For my  entire adult life I have focused on the human body and helping people feel better and stronger. I was practicing without a license until I finally got one in 2012. 🙂

I went to graduate school at the age of 52!

My passion started as a teenager just trying to feel better in my body. As I got older I found that what was troubling me was troubling a lot of people. That is when I decided to get licensed so I could help others with all of my personal and professional experience.

Although I spend 90% of my time practicing Functional Medicine (specializing in digestive dis-ease), I am licensed as an acupuncture physician. My training in Functional Medicine was with the great Chris Kresser of the ADAPT program.

I can honestly say that helping my patients manage  IBS, (Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, GERD) is something I love to do, almost as much as I love to hike in the mountains! What I love about it is that I get to be a detective. Sifting through health histories and symptoms looking for the root cause(s) of my patients’ conditions. It is very rewarding.

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