Functional Medicine and Acupuncture

What is Functional Medicine?

root cause of gas pain

Functional medicine is a science-based approach to health that focuses on uncovering the root cause of illness. 

We are looking for your WHY. Why are you not well? What is the biological imbalance underlying your symptoms?

Functional medicine integrates optimal nutrition, supportive lifestyle changes, and emotional well-being into your treatment plan. 

"I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all your help.  I have been bloating off and on for over 30 years. I have not felt this good, relaxed calm and focused on myself, body and mind in years. I have been thru every test, drug, herb, OTC remedy and even surgery hoping to find some relief. With your knowledge, testing, guidance and acupuncture I am finally feeling better. "
Delray Beach, FL April 17, 2020

Specializing in painful gastrointestinal issues and all types of gut health through natural functional medicine practices.

I offer:

• Stool tests for intestinal gut bacteria, parasites, infectious pathogens and many other markers that determine the health of your gastrointestinal system. 

• Testing for celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

• Food allergy testing to determine the underlying cause of many undiagnosed illnesses.

• Bloodwork for functional thyroid, blood sugar and micronutrient imbalances that could cause troublesome symptoms.

ACUPUNCTURE to support healing of the gastrointestinal system and other body pain.  To read more about acupuncture – click here.

• CUPPING for muscle support and bronchial issues.

What to expect when working with me

Step 1. Before we meet, either virtually or in person, you will fill out a few very comprehensive questionnaires about your current and past health status. These forms are on my patient portal and you can fill them out digitally.

** I highly suggest that immediately after you decide to work with me you write out the most comprehensive timeline of events that you can. This timeline would include the history of your symptoms, doctor visits, diagnoses and improvements and setbacks. Be as specific as possible. In order for me to piece together a full picture of your current health status, I need to know everything that you have experienced to the best of your ability. In fact, this is something that will help you and any future health care providers. 

Step 2. You will send me your most recent blood work and any other diagnostic tests relating to your current health issue.

Step 3. We will meet for 1.5 hours either in person or by secure video chat. You will have ample time to explain your health concerns with me. I will discuss with you any questions I have about the information that you gave me when you filled out the questionnaires. 

Step 4. If additional testing is needed we will discuss that and proceed as indicated.

Step 5. After reviewing all of your intake forms and the information I got during our first appointment, I will compile my suggestions based on the underlying cause I identify.

Step 6. Next, I will develop a custom plan including necessary nutritional and lifestyle changes. This may include recommendations for both conventional and natural treatments.

Step 7. We will meet again to discuss and implement the plan. 

Step 8. We will set up a follow-up schedule based on the severity and complication of your particular situation.

As long as we work together, I will give you the necessary information and tools to help you follow the plan and make any necessary adjustments as we proceed.

"I've been transformed into a new, happier and healthier me. Liz, you have helped me through a myriad of emotional and health issues over the past five years but this latest health issue that baffled all of my traditional medical specialists has been the clincher."
MaAn 2019
Delray Beach

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