The Importance of Understanding Insulin

The average person doesn’t think about insulin. In my experience most people who think about insulin are diabetic. I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding insulin for everyone who wants to live a long and healthy life.

Insulin is the hormone that makes glucose available to our cells for energy – to make it very simple. High blood sugar is an insulin issue for example. The more carbohydrates (grains, sugar) we eat the harder insulin has to work and if we are continually eating carbs then the insulin becomes resistant or overworked and stops doing its job properly.

There are many undesirable effects from insulin resistance. It would be very good for your health to understand this system better so that you can make food choices that support blood sugar balance and insulin function.

My functional medicine mentor, Chris Kresser – has many articles on optimal health on his website so I will share one with you now….

Healing your gut and digestive problems takes some time, effort, and consistency. It is well worth the effort.

YOU are well worth your time and effort. 
Stay focused. 
Your results will be a great reward.

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